Taking Retengo to the Moon

Forum Posting

Copy and paste our post on in your favorite Crypto forums and earn 10,000 Retengo Token for every post.

Facebook Groups advertisement

Earn 10,000 Retengo Token for every advertisement posts on facebook groups.

BitcoinTalk Thread Thumper

Earn 10,000 Retengo Token for Quoting BitCoinTalk Post(limit of 1 per day)


Earn 10,000 Retengo Token for Translating Our Bitcoin Talk Posts and Sharing.



Forum Post : Submit with a subject "Forum Posting" along with your forum links post (multiple forums are allowed)

Facebook Group Advertisement : Submit with a subject "Facebook Advertisement" along with your "group link" and "post link".

BitcoinTalk Bumping : Submit with a subject "Bitcointalk Bump" along with your "Bitcointalk username".

Language Translation Of Our Posts : Submit with a subject "Language Translation" along with your "Article".

Bounty collections will be done on 26th September 2018. Join as many Bounties as possible

Please include your ETH ADDRESS in the email, in order for us to send the bounty.